Democratizing Trade and Finance for the Green Economy

Supply Chain & Sustainability

  • Sustainability is the future driver of trade, but most of the companies’ emissions are in their supply chain.
  • It is hard to get finance when trading or to comply with sustainable finance criteria.
  • Current solutions are complex and expensive, leaving SMEs away from a green economy.

EXXOTRADE value proposition

  • Traders can make end-to-end transactions with sustainable performance and liquidity.
  • A better way for funders to get short-term returns on the sustainable asset class.
  • Sustainable projects can tap into new markets and other sources of funds.

The Solution

A web3 platform where companies can join or create trading networks and funders can allocate money for sustainable impact across supply chains

  • All-in-one financial platform linking trades to sustainability on-chain, hard to replicate on a large scale.
  • Users push others to join their network, and new users invite their peers, creating unique new networks.

Trades that are good for the planet and your business.